11 September, 2008

Linksys AM300 ADSL setting for Centrin ADSL

If you stay in Bandung City, and want to change your OEM Centrin Modem with Linksys

AM300 ADSL modem for more stability connection. Here is some tips to set the modem :)

First you have to know OEM Centrin modem ip address:
Connect modem with your computer and then :

start -> run -> cmd -> ipconfig /all

Please remember modem Ip Address. After that disconect OEM centrin modem from your computer.

And Connect your Linksys AM300

Open your web browser fill the adress with :

user id : admin
password: admin

Please set:

Encapsulation : RFC 2516 PPPoE

Auto detect: Disable

Virtual Circuit id :

VPI = 8
VCI = 81

Multiplexing : LLC

DSL Modulation : Auto

PPPoE setting:

User Id and Password , fill this setting with user Id and Password from Centrin

MTU : Manual
Size : 1492

Set the modem ip address same with ip address from OEM centrin modem.

Save the setting and restart your computer.

Linksys AM300 with automatically connect with the isp.

Enjoy the connection.

I hope this information useful . :D

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